Breaking News!

A “Special Kiss and Makeup Dance"

is to be held in

Honor of His Royal Russian Excellency

and America’s Primary Poobba!

“The Royalesque High Squeaks Muppet"

Donald J.Trump.

Due to his having been denied

the privilege, due his poppa’s wealth,

of continuing to make a fool of himself at

his “Military Academy’s Coming Out” party:

The Donald will have the first Dance!

And yes!

We do bow to tradition!

And the value of large paycheques,

very large paycheques, signed by

Grand Pooba One, on behalf of His Royal Self

and delivered to us, his always loyal servants,

from the “National Accounts” of the 

American people who love him so

much they are now nodding and shaking

their heads in awe at what he has

done and accomplished on behalf of his

Personal Business Interests in the last month!

Being the brightest Star

that we know him to be,

he did it all while paying a great,

an absolutely "GREAT!” inattention

to our ongoing loss of everything

else around the world!

All together now!

"We, the people, under little compulsion,

such as fearing for and needing

to save the life of our First Born, tell

the World and Our Royal Grand Pooba

of our unfailing and always timely

and eternally truthful love of our

Master and Chief!”


Has Just “Developed" its First


Such Aside!

We now offer, for sale

to the first with the cash,

this super calafragilistic

effort to have 

Real News Reporters

such as our beloved

Hannity Hen


Kit “Bullshit" Conway’s

Alternative Facts

delivery machine

made available

to every

Republican Huckster

which should reveal 

to America

“Why It Is”

that its usually

the meanest


in the country

that gets to


the terms 


your existence,

and the nature of

“The News” 

that El Presidente

will allow you to hear.

However, all such aside . . . to all 

“Interested Parties”: 



are now 

“For Sale”


U$7,995,000.00 each


“The Presidential Prick’s


Pussy Snatching Tax!”

To ensure a timely transfer to your control,



“BTW” . . . said President Trump while 

blowing his horn about his planned



bill to replace what

he terms

the Disaster of “ObamaCare”:

“We’ll probably have something

to replace it within a few more months!

Trump and his fellow Twits in the 

Corrupt GOP have been attacking


for years! And they are still “talking”

about replacing it? Sure! 

President Trump!

"You don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Please, reconsider what you have done

and the threat you pose to America!

Then, do the "Right Thing” and Retire!


Daniel J. Lavigne, Founder

“The Tax Refusal”



© Daniel J. Lavigne 2017