is proud to announce: 

Its formation to confront the

"Life Extinction Event

now threatening

Humanity's existence

via the

"Non-Stop Global HeatRise”

which event’s negative 

offerings to Humanity

is being exacerbated

due the decision of

President Trump

to mandate and promote

the use of his

wealthy supporters

dirty coal and sour oil.

To start our opening

on the right note:

Donald J. Trump,

in his “Special Role” as

“The White House Whore In Chief”

just invited 

President Putin

To The Whitehouse

“Alternative Ball!"

A Gala performance

is slated for tonite!!

With “Rasputinitskys" 

“Waltz For Male Lovers”

in “F” Major


“Our Chief”

a chance

to ask for the hand of

President Putin 

to get the evening “off”

(“Trust Me!”),

to a

“Thrusting Crescendo”


“Damn! That Was Great!”

being uttered, repeatedly,

by our Great Pooba!

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The above

“Bit of Fun”


When Do We

Tell The Children?

is for sale


U$ 295.00

© Daniel J. Lavigne 2017